Monday’s Motivations

                    “Word of thought”

          Weekends are always filled with events such as weddings, football games, social hangouts and family ‘n’ friends get together, and after all this might have taken place the leave us tired and exhausted….

       But the awkwardness is how we respond and bounce back come Monday morning…. In any case I feel  that our week actions are the after effect of our weekends reactions….. So in as much as we set weekend as side as “free n enjoyment days” bear it in mind that it will definitely  define and determine our week🐩

     just try to make your weekend interesting and perfect  so it projects an interesting  week….. 

Q|A w/ Nelo!

Urmmm….. McNelo… Alqats being open… Nice Q/A session too


​Hey guyssss!

So, today is the last day of the very controversial warning strike and I refuse to be bored!

Let’s call this very day— a breakout day, typical of a day off to do random stuffs; and to celebrate this very lazy day, I decided to do a Q&A besides sleeping,eating or reading.

A big shout out to my lovely Facebook Friends who inboxed me a question or two—So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Q1 : I followed your story-#30Daysfromhome and I really love it. I just wanna ask, are there more stories coming up in the future?

A1 : Thank you baby! Yes, there will be. I was looking at something the other day and another idea popped into my head. Although, I don’t really have much time for that at the moment, I will be working on it slowly and y’all will see it soon.

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